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Maui is the perfect island to visit with its natural beauty, pristine beaches, and luxurious resorts. However, it's also known for being rather touristy. Finding some of the best places Maui has to offer can make it hard to find, but these hidden gems are definitely worth discovering!

The Top Places to Visit in Maui

  • Golf in Paradise
  • Experience a Traditional Hawaiian Luau in Lahaina
  • Drive or ride the Hana Road
  • 4 Visit the Maui Ocean Center
  • Lahaina and Kaanapali Beach

Here Are 5 Must-See Things in Maui That Are Off the Beaten Path.

The hidden beach is one you can only access by hiking.

While most people flock to Maui's famous beaches like Ka'anapali and Wailea, there are plenty of hidden gems throughout the island. One such beach is at the end of a two-mile hike through Haleakala National Park. The beach, aptly named Hidden Beach, is only accessible by foot and offers stunning views of the cliffs and ocean.

Food heaven, aka the fruit stand

A little fruit stand near Lahaina is straight out of a dream. The fruits and vegetables are so fresh and vibrant that it's hard to believe they're real. The prices are also unbeatable. If you're looking for a place to get your fill of fresh fruits and veggies, this is the spot.

The secret viewpoint that nobody knows about

Haleakala National Park is one of the most popular tourist destinations on Maui, but there's a personal viewpoint that very few people know about. If you hike to the top of Haleakala and then continue past the summit marker, you'll come to a small clearing with an incredible view of the entire island.

It's pretty steep going up (you gain about 1,000 feet), so be prepared for a challenging climb! You can also see views of Kahoolawe (the smallest inhabited Hawaiian island) and Lanai from this spot. Make sure to bring plenty of water!

Where Jaws was filmed

Most people flock to Maui for the stunning beaches, but did you know it's also home to incredible history? Jaws were filmed off the coast of Maui, and you can even take a boat tour to see where it all went down. Head up to Makawao, a quaint town filled with restaurants, galleries, and shops. The perfect place to go when looking for something different from your average vacation spot.

An airport named after a dog

Who doesn't love a good airport named after a dog? Maui has an airport named after one of the most popular dogs ever: Lilo from Lilo & Stitch. The airport is small and quaint, but it's worth visiting if you're a movie fan. And even if you're not, it's still an excellent place to check out.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the nearest airport to Maui?
The nearest airport is Kahului Airport (OGG).
When is a good time to visit Maui?
You can go to Maui any time of the year. In general, Maui is warmer from April to November and colder from December to March.
Can I hire a car to visit Maui?
Although you can use public transport like shuttles, tour buses, and taxis to visit Maui, if you want to book a car rental, then you can hire it.
Do I need a passport to go to Maui?
If you are a US citizen, then it is not required, but if you are traveling from another country, then you have to carry it.


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